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We offer high quality concrete products from a fully equipped factory. Our products conform to the professional standards and specifications.

A team of experienced engineers, and technicians is responsible for the design, production and control of the manufacture of these products.

The strict selection of materials, proper mixing of materials and control including constant laboratory testing ensure high quality of our products.

Concrete Building Blocks

Concrete Block

NPD Ltd. is the single largest producer of concrete blocks in Rwanda.The concrete blocks are manufactured from aggregates specially selected and graded at our factory. This reliability of raw materials together with consistency of manufacture, stringent quality control procedures, secure banding and mechanical handling, all contribute to the delivery of a quality product.

These are used for building commercial and residential houses, perimeter walls, drainage works and many other structures.

Paving Flags

Paving flags from NPD Ltd are the ideal way to bring immense character and warmth of colour to streets, home garden patio and pathways. We manufacture our paving flags using only the highest quality materials so you can be assured of paving perfection every time.

These particular paving flags are a new product on the local and regional market. They have been introduced specifically to beautify city streets.

The applications include; Paving walkways, yards in homes and office premises.

We produce five different shapes / patterns and the different colors include;

  • Natural (cement).
  • Red

Other colors available on request:

  • Green.
  • light green.
  • Black.
  • Yellow.

Paving Blocks

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The paving block is one of the most used products after the building blocks. These are used by different categories of people including individuals for homes and city authorities for city streets.

The NPD Ltd paving block is produced from natural aggregates which are carefully selected and graded. The mixing and fabrication processes are automatically controlled to ensure the best product.

To give our customers a variety, we produce paving blocks in different shapes, sizes, colors and Shapes (rectangular, zigzag, hammer)

The applications include:

  1. Paving walk-ways
  2. Parking areas and drive ways for residencies Offices and commercial premises
  3. Petrol stations
  4. Roads and Airports

Road Kerbs

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The road kerbs are one of the important products from NPD Ltd. They are produced in various shapes and sizes to meet the construction requirements. Our kerbs are made from carefully selected and graded materials so as to maintain the quality.

NPD Ltd. road kerbs have been used on several projects in the country. The clients include; the government, other road and building contractors, institutions and private individuals.

The different sizes and shapes are as shown below.

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Special kerbs are also made on order Application

Retaining the carriageway edge to prevent ‘spreading’ and loss of structural integrity.

Restraint in paving works in drive ways, walk-ways, and parking areas for offices, commercial premises and homes.

Forming channels along which surface water can be drained