Giving back to the community is a value greatly cherished by NPD Ltd under our Corporate Social Responsibility arm- CSR. Our Corporate Social Responsibility arm is premised under three pillars; Economic Responsibility, Social Impact and Environmental Awareness and Protection.


Over the years, NPD Ltd has supported areas such as education, welfare, environment among others through extending a helping hand to the different groups of society with a sole aim of eradicating poverty and promoting self-reliance in the society in which we live. We consistently participate in and often lead community improvement projects in accordance with the nationally recognized monthly days of service that fall on the last Saturdays of each month, ‘Umuganda’ . This grants NPD LTD the opportunity to rehabilitate roads, provide housing and promote better public service funding through charitable initiatives over the lives of the people in the societies in which we live.

In an overwhelming statement of generosity, NPD LTD built a nursery school for the people of kirehe with two class rooms, lavatories and a playground for the children to help the displaced people from Tanzania, giving them chance to attain a level of education to ensure sustainability

NPD LTD has been the leading civil engineering service provider in Rwanda because our development goals are hinged on effective public administration, strong accountability and high transparency levels expelling any chances of corruption. We are compliant when it comes to tax payment and all government rules and regulation including tax and environment policies.

Over the years, NPD LTD has increased employment opportunities and skills acquisition. We hire approximately 3,500 casual laborers per day, 401 full time employees and 75 people on fixed term contracts. NPD LTD offers new business opportunities taking into account price and quality factors to determine the most economically advantageous bid. We hire 30 sub-contractors and 1,273 suppliers granting fair shake opportunities to every enterprise that bids not only the bigger enterprises creating room for economic development for small and medium enterprises thus creating a strong and resilient economy for Rwanda.

NPD LTD not only works to improve roads and housing facility but also has a commitment towards the environment. Prior to project implementation, the company completes Environmental Impact Assessments and defines concrete strategies to mitigate negative environmental impacts. During decommissioning of projects, NPD LTD carefully follows a strict procedure in order to restore/rehabilitate the area to as close to its original state by planting grass, trees, construct drainage systems and other soil erosion reduction mechanisms in these areas.

NPD LTD uses mechanically cut rocks known as cobblestones as a finishing layer on some of the roads they work as a soil sustainability measure. In our quarries all rocks are tested using the Los Angeles method to determine the quality and ensure durability. These rocks help create climatic equilibrium in urban areas because they absorb the heat rather than reflect it.

Safe and durable reinforced concrete electricity poles are a major innovation from NPD LTD which came as a substitute to the traditional wooden poles that have been used for decades in power distribution lines. This was mainly to reduce the deforestation carried out in search of these wooden poles. Giving people access to environmental friendly products that are cost friendly encourages the public to build a resilient economy that supports health and creates wealth.


Foundation for the Youth Future,an association of the veterans from the liberation war that ended the genocide perpetrated  against the Tutsi, organized an event as a heroes Day Celebration. NPD LTD under its Corporate Social Responsibility Arm-CSR made a donation in form of a cheque of One million two Hundred and fifty Rwandan Francs (Rwf 1,250,000) to the Foundation For the Youth Future with an aim of eradicating  poverty and promoting self reliance among the members of society.On 5th March 2016, a team of NPD LTD staff paid a visit to the home of the Corporative Impuhwe in Kanombe-Kibaya one of the war veterans’ homes under the Foundation for the Youth Future and also attended a function that was organized at the home.

NPD LTD under its Corporate Social Responsibility  arm-CSR donated to the vulnerable in Nyanza as away of uplifting the lives of these vulnerable people and supporting the “ONE COW PER FAMILY” an initiation by H.E Paul Kagame.We have been able to donate 10 cows in the last two years to the Nyanza people in a bid to promote self reliance in society.